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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that our Hidden Gem Maps are unique and with that comes many questions... questions not only about the technical side but also about how our brand actually came to be. So check out down below where we've tried to answer as many as we can, especially the ones that we've been asked on a regular basis during the short but sweet life of our brand,
Uncovering Hidden Gems!


T Q1.  I’ve purchased a map but nothings arrived in the mail yet, when will my map arrive?

T A1.  Our maps are completely digital and live as we connect and share our hidden gems data through Google maps. Making our gem maps accessible on any of your devices (as long as you're signed in to the email you purchased our maps with). Whether it be your phone, laptop or tablet. Physical copies of our maps do not exist, as having them digital allows us to constantly update them with new hidden gems whenever we find them.

T A2.  We always send out our orders within a 24hr window. If it’s been longer than this, please check your junk mail box as unfortunately our orders get sent there from time to time. If your map is not in your junk mail either, please contact us via email at

Bridge over Waterfall

T Q2.  I’ve purchased a map and received my confirmation email, however it’s been over 24hrs and I can’t find my map in my

Princes Pier

T Q3.  How can I access my map/s without having to go back to my emails to find the link every time I want to look at them?

T A3.  The easiest way to access your maps is to download the google maps app on your device. Once downloaded, log in with the email address you used to purchase your map/s. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a little flag symbol which says ‘saved’. Click on this, and it will take you to a menu where you can click on an icon named ‘maps’. Here, your purchased map will be displayed, and will be saved there permanently for you to access whenever you need.

T A4.  Unfortunately, links are only clickable when you are using the google maps web app. However, if you save the google maps web app to your lock screen, this allows you to use it in a similar way to an app and you can then access our maps and click on the links such as Tiktok’s & Instagram posts. Alternatively, access the maps on your laptop or PC and the links will be accessible. We plan to fix this issue within our app :)

House in the Woods

T Q4. Why can’t I click on the links in the pinned location descriptions when looking at my map?

Aerial View of Coast

T Q5. Can I download my maps to be used offline?

T A5.  Yes, you can! If you are unsure how to do this, all you have to do is go into the google maps app, click on your profile icon, and then click ‘offline maps’. Then click ‘select your own map’ and it will give you the option to select whichever hidden gem map you’ve purchased. You can only download particular areas of a map at a time, so if you want the whole state downloaded you'll need to do it bit by bit or you can just download a section for whichever destination you’re planning on traveling to next! You will be able to download whole states/countries in our app. 

T A6.  If you’re experiencing this issue with your google maps app, ensure that it’s updated through the app store to the latest version. This is a glitch that unfortunately occurs with the app from time to time, but don’t stress, this will be completely fixed once our very own app is out!

Coastal Drive

T Q6.  Why do the markings disappear when I zoom in and out of my map?

Swimming Pool

T Q7.  I’ve purchased one of your hidden gem maps and want to access the exclusive ‘Uncovering Hidden Gems’ Facebook group, how can I join?

T A7.  To access our exclusive Facebook group, you will need to have purchased all 7 of our hidden gem maps. Once you’ve made the leap, you will receive an invite via email to join the group.

T A8.  We have a bunch of different categories to choose from inside our maps and they are all split up into sections so you can easily filter down to what you are searching for. These categories include; Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Accommodations, Attractions, Waterfalls, Hikes, Lookouts, Landmarks, Campgrounds, Beaches & Swimming holes.


T Q8.  What type of locations are included in your hidden gem maps?


T Q9.  Once I buy a map, will I have access to it forever? Or will I need to pay a renewal fee down the track?

T A9.  Like any physical map or travel book our online maps are just a once of purchase, so once you're in, you'll be a member for life! No nagging subscription or renewal fees down the line. This will also transfer over into our app when the time comes :)

T A10.  Because our maps are powered by google maps, the email address you use to purchase the maps needs to either be a gmail account, or any email address that you’ve set up to be google accessible (e.g. it can still be a hotmail, outlook, yahoo etc. as long as it’s been set up correctly). To make your existing email address google accessible, you can click the following link and follow the few short and easy steps!

Bridge into the Woods

T Q10. Why do I need an active gmail account to access the maps? And if I don’t have one, how do I set one up?

Coastal Rocks

G Q1. What do we define as a hidden gem?

G A1.  Our definition of a hidden gem is a location that’s off the beaten track, and is a bit hard to reach unless you know where you’re going, as signage for the spot is minimal. E.g. locations that take on the 'if you know you know' concept! We do not believe that hidden gems are 'only' places that are untouched because we also love to add in gems that makes you feel as though you’ve been on a bit of an adventure to reach it. So in saying this, locations with the potential of having other people taking the hard route to visit them, does not take the 'hidden' out of the hidden gem! Hidden alleyway restaurants, speakeasy bars, 10/10 coffee shops hidden in & amongst side streets and quirky Airbnb’s are all amazing hidden gems in our eyes. 

G A2.   Like creating any book or travel guide we have put hours into making sure every marking we make is filtered down and is at the 'hidden gem' standard. We make sure to include detailed descriptions and links as evidence to why we included each one of our gems, and as you could imagine this takes a huge amount of time. The other main reason is that we want our hidden gem maps to go into the hands of the right people, those who really have a passion for nature and love a decent adventure just as much as we do! If we allowed everyone to see our marked gems free of charge, we would risk them being seen by those who don't share the same love and respect for each and every location we have found. We have faith that those who are putting money down for a map of hidden gems, are those who are most definitely conscious of protecting them and leaving no trace. 

Sat on the Rocks

G Q2. Why do we put a price on our hidden gem maps and not just share all the locations we find for free ?


G Q3. How have we found all the locations we have marked within our gem maps?

G A3.  All our locations are found through a mix of personal travel, reading blogs, watching travellers YouTube videos, speaking to friends, family and even strangers who have travelled around Australia, through social media apps, other travel guides and books that we own and scrolling endlessly through google maps!

G A4.  We don’t have a set date for the app launch yet… but it’s coming sooner than you may think! For those of you who have already purchased map/s you will have access to the states you’ve already purchased for free in the app!

Calm Sea

G Q4. When is our app coming out? And if I’ve already purchased a hidden gem map, will I get access to the app for free?

Sunset on the Beach

G Q5. What is the reason behind the creation of our hidden gem maps?

G A5.  The idea for our maps came about after we found ourselves endlessly scrolling through our saved Instagram posts, TikTok’s and screenshots of ‘hidden gem’ locations we’d found in the past, but realised we often spent hours trying to re-find the place we had previously saved! This would eventually lead to us finding out that it had been lost in the sea of our saved posts :( We then did some research and realised there was no easy and practical way of locating hidden gems when you wanted to visit them, so kachow, our live Hidden Gem Maps were born! These maps are built for those who love to travel. For those who are always on the road looking for a new adventure to embark on. For those who love to find places lesser known and unique. Our maps can even be used by everyday people who are just looking for something to do on their weekends, or their days off, and want to be able to quickly find something to do spur of the moment! Our maps are full of places that are friendly for all ages and abilities, so there’s sure to be something for everyone :)

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