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*Includes instant access to 'BEYONDER' as soon as this map is ready & upgraded*


This is a live map that will be ever-changing with new locations to be added every week, as we continue to discover Bali's lesser known. Hours of research is now being done for you, giving you a one way ticket to all of Bali's most beautiful hidden gems.🏞️


This map will be a perfect research tool for when you're planning your next big Bali holiday or even if you live in Bali this map might just help you find some new gems that are right on your doorstep!✈️

Our Bali maps include locations from several different categories i.e. villas & budget stays, hiking spots, lookouts, bars, attractions, waterfalls, swimming holes & snorkeling areas, and so many landmarks. So you definitely won't be lacking in choice!


Not only will our maps help you with research, but they will be super useful for all of those spontaneous adventurers out there.


What's included:


  • A marked Google Map of Bali with 500+ gems (and counting).
  • A lifetime membership to the map that will be constantly updated by our team each week.
  • Locations ranging anywhere from secret swimming holes to attractions you never knew existed.
  • All locations have been found through means of discussions with fellow travellers, social media videos, personal travel, blogs, google reviews, and countless other sources.


How it works:


Once you've purchased the map our team will then add your email address  (Google accessible) to the map's Google drive and within 24 hours you will be sent a confirmation email both from us and also Google. You will then have lifetime access to the Bali map and will be able to see all the live changes that are made!


This is certainly still a new concept so if you have any questions or queries about the process please don't be afraid to send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram.

Til then,

Happy travels everyone🗺️🧳


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