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Newcastle Australia


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Walking on Pink Water

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Australia has a world of experiences to offer, and visitors can uncover the largest collection of hidden gems with our outstanding range of maps online. Uncovering Hidden Gems is dedicated to providing people with experiences that are off the beaten path to create unique opportunities to see this great country at its finest. Uncover the hidden gems in Australia with the largest collection of expertly curated maps online today. Explore by state Uncovering Hidden Gems offers maps unique to every state in Australia that will take you from the wondrous billabongs of the Northern Territory to the designer laneways of Melbourne. The maps available in the Hidden Gem store will allow you to experience every state in Australia in a way you never thought possible. Regardless of your personal tastes or the kinds of experiences you are looking for, there will be nuggets of invaluable information available in our online maps that will take you to places you might never have known existed. Whether you are travelling slowly through the states of Australia or looking for access to this amazing collection of state-wide experiences to make the most of a quick trip, there will be a map collection in our online store that will help create the perfect experience for you. Gain access to the entire country Whether you’re a visitor or live in Australia and are simply looking for the kind of experiences that no one else gets to have, our All Hidden Gem map will provide you with a lifetime of inside information on the best places to see and experience around the country. The insider access that you gain to all that Australia has to offer is unlike anything else. From the best restaurants in town when you’re having a weekend away to some of Australia’s most unique viewpoints and art installations, this Australia-wide map will provide you with a lifetime of incredible experiences. Take part in the Gem Race To add to all the fun and excitement you will experience when following our maps around the country, we have created The Gem Race for our customers to participate in. Join others as they race around the country, uncovering all the hidden gems in their path, and become part of a community that loves nothing more than exploring. There are great prizes to be won and many adventures to be had as part of our Gem Races that occur multiple times throughout the year. Contact us for details on the start dates of our next Gem Race and make your Australian exploration that little bit more fun and adventurous. Tracking down the best new experiences Uncovering Hidden Gems is not just a company name; it’s a way of life. Our team makes it their sole purpose to deliver the greatest new experiences around the country with regular updates to our maps online so that you can enjoy nothing but the best of what this great country has to offer. Uncovering Hidden Gems was started as a labour of love — a project that brings the best of what Australia offers to visitors from around the world. Our team is passionate about delivering you the best and brightest of Australia through our maps online so that you can experience the land down under in the most unique ways. Browse our collection of maps online today to uncover Australia's best-hidden gems and make the next trip one you will never forget.

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